Accidents that involve commercial trucks can result in devastating injuries and can be traumatic for many victims. When a truck collides with much smaller vehicles, such as cars or motorcycles, victims often sustain injuries such as fractures, broken bones, and internal bleeding. Sadly, negligence often plays a role in many truck accidents. As a truck accident lawyer like one at Therman Law Offices, LTD can explain, there are multiple categories of damages that you could be entitled to recover if you were struck by a negligent truck driver.

Medical Expenses

Truck accident injuries often mean costly medical expenses. If you have injuries like broken bones or have suffered severe blood loss, you likely require surgery, prescription medicine, and other costly medical treatment. If you are eligible to file a truck accident claim see, a lawyer can explain compensation you can receive related to medical care and treatment.This also includes future medical treatments such as occupational therapy, medicine, and other types of long-term rehabilitative care.

Missed Wages

A personal injury accident can force you to temporarily not be able to go to work. Personal injury accident victims often experience significant financial losses because they are not able to resume their work right away. Whether or not you have dependents to provide for, missed wages are a critical setback in your life. Not knowing how you can stay financially stable is another obstacle many truck accident victims have to be concerned about. A lawyer can calculate your missed wages so that they are included in your compensation package.  

Emotional Anguish 

On top of the physical wounds as a result of a truck accident, victims also go through emotional pain and anguish. Often victims suffer mental issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder anxiety and depression. For some victims that is temporary, but for others it is a lasting long-term condition or even disability. Getting mental health treatment following a serious personal injury accident can be expensive as well, so it can be hard for victims to receive treatment that they depend on. However, victims can recover compensation for any emotional anguish that they suffer after a personal injury accident. 

The last thing you want to do after a serious truck accident is deal with the household of an illegal plane. Let a skilled and experienced lawyer take care of the difficult task for you. You should just be focusing on your physical and emotional recovery. Schedule a consultation with an accomplished truck accident lawyer now to find out what legal services are available.