Dog bites can happen within a blur of a moment, and then suddenly you are looking down realizing that you’ve been wounded. Depending on where you were bitten, you may have bleeding, swelling, and damage to tissues and muscles. A dog may bite if they are guarding a person or property, feel cornered and fearful, or have a predisposition to aggression, among other reasons. The best defense against developing a serious bacterial infection from the dog bite is by visiting a doctor without delay and getting appropriate treatment. 

Take pictures of your injuries.

You will need to take photographs of the dog bite wounds, and the dog if possible. It can be helpful to have pictures of the environment you were in, and the spot where the dog bite occurred. For instance, the dog may have escaped from the house due to an open gate or got out of its leash. You can take a photo of the open gate or leash as a way to show what led up to your injury. Visual evidence can summarize more quickly what happened and the severity of your injuries, compared to just a written statement only. 

Gather dog owner’s contact information.

After a dog attack, it is crucial that you get the dog owner’s information. If the owner doesn’t realize that their dog bit you, you can attempt to locate them and inform them of the incident. It can help to inquire with the owner whether the dog has had a rabies shot or not. As a personal injury lawyer Chicago, IL residents trust from Disparti Law Group has advised clients, you will need the owner’s name and contact details so your lawyer can reach out and talk with them at a later time. If you report the dog bite to your local animal control, they can try to locate the owner for you if you are unable to yourself. 

Seek medical attention immediately.

Victims of dog bites must always get medical attention, as they are at risk for serious infection and other conditions. Even small puncture wounds or breaks in the skin can transfer harmful bacteria into the person’s system. Bacteria often found in canine’s saliva include staphylococcus, streptococcus, and eikenella. Your doctor can examine the wounds, clean them, administer stitches or a cast if needed, and provide you with antibiotics to avoid developing a bacterial infection. 

Dog owners have a duty to keep the public safe, and if they are found to have been negligent which led to another getting seriously hurt, then they could be financially liable for the damage caused. Dogs are animals after all, as a team member at Disparti Law Group knows, and despite being companions to humans, they can react aggressively with or without provocation. Victims of dog attacks are advised to get the owner’s name and contact, gather evidence at the scene, go to the hospital, and then reach out to a lawyer for assistance in seeking compensation from the dog owner for medical bills and more.