Things Not to Do When Divorcing

There are numerous things spouses can do to have a successful divorce. There are lots of horror stories about ugly and contentious divorces out there, but that doesn’t mean that divorce is all bad. Partners who are dissolving their marriage can have a divorce that ends well and doesn’t lead to financial ruin or emotional anguish.

Indeed, in the divorce process, there is a lot that you can control to keep things progressing quickly toward the optimal outcome. You can control what divorce agreement you accept. You can choose to think logically and sensibly and not let your emotions control the show.

Navigating a divorce may be easier if you’re informed about the process beforehand and have a qualified and credential divorce attorney to help guide you through this challenging time. Many lawyers understand that certain behaviors may ultimately harm or interfere with divorce proceedings and lead to irreversible and life-altering mistakes. Some of them include:

Hiding Assets from Your Marital Partner

As divorce proceedings draw near, many people will transfer, move, or hide assets from their spouse. This is especially common when one spouse typically handles the finances. They may try to hide assets that are part of the marital estate, or “community property” from their spouse. Hiding assets from your partner is not only unethical, but it can hurt your case if the judge finds out about it. It is often best to be completely honest about your assets and debts.

Taking Too Long to Provide Necessary Documentation

There are certain legal documents that you may need to fill out and submit for the court’s approval. Each and every one of these forms should be filled out correctly and completely, or your divorce may be denied or prolonged. A qualified divorce lawyer can help you fill out the necessary forms to keep the divorce process running smoothly.

Plus, you’ll likely need to gather all of your financial account information, which can be time-consuming and tedious. However, it’s critical that you produce it and hand it over to your divorce lawyer without delay. If you take too long to submit the documents, the court may begin to believe that you’re hiding or manipulating something and this can be detrimental to your case.

Moving Out of the House

If you want custody of the kids or at the very least 50/50 joint custody, you may want to delay moving out of the family house too quickly. Although living with your spouse may be challenging, prematurely moving out tells the court that you believe your spouse is a trustworthy and competent parent. Judges often don’t like to interrupt situations where children are happy and thriving.

So, moving out can interfere with your child custody plans if you genuinely want the kids to live with you most, if not all of the time. If you just can’t tolerate the living situation with your spouse,  your divorce attorney can likely secure a temporary child custody order from the court that will help.

If you are considering dissolving your marriage, it may be in your best interest to involve a qualified attorney who can provide step-by-step guidance. A divorce handled correctly can make for a less stressful time and a more promising future. Talk with a divorce lawyer about your circumstances today.

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