It’s been reported that defective tires and tire tread separation contribute to more than 10,000 crashes each year in the United States. When tire treads separate, the tire literally comes apart and a blowout can occur. If you are traveling at a relatively high speed and you experience a blow out, you can very quickly lose control of your car. The results can be devastating for you, your passengers and any other vehicle passengers with whom your car may have come into contact. 

Victims of such accidents frequently suffer debilitating, if not fatal, injuries. In most instances, they will miss a substantial amount of work time and accumulate huge medical and hospital bills. So, how can they receive sufficient compensation to pay their bills and cover their lost wages for an accident that was not their fault? In most cases, they will need the help of a skilled attorney, who can assist them in discovering the cause of the blowout and hold any responsible parties liable for their actions.

What causes tread separation?

 Several factors can contribute to tire failure, such as over-inflated or under-inflated tires, potholes or other objects on the road. Sometimes poor driving habits may be a factor.

 Other times, however, a blowout can take place with well-maintained tires if there has been a manufacturing defect, such as:

  • A flaw in the design of the tire.
  • A problem in the manufacturing process regarding the tread’s bonding to the rest of the tire.
  • The manufacturer failed to adequately warn about the tire’s risks.

Typically, when such accidents occur, an insurance company will try to blame you, as the driver, for the accident, implying that you weren’t driving safely. However, if a product defect caused you to lose control of the vehicle, you have the right to take legal action. Tire defect litigation is complex. To win such cases, you would be wise to consider hiring an attorney who is experienced. 

 Such an attorney would have the resources and legal know-how to launch an investigation into the cause of the accident and to gather evidence of a manufacturing defect. Manufacturers are responsible for creating products that work the way they are advertised. If they do not do so, they should be held liable. Have you been the victim of a tire blowout accident? If so, you may want to explore your options, as a tire tread separation lawyer in Las Vegas, NV from a firm like The Law Office of Eglet Adams, can explain.