Divorce Attorneys for Men

While both men and women face similar struggles and legal issues during divorce, men often must deal with matters that are very specific to their roles as a husband or a father. A divorce attorney for men can provide legal counsel, representation, and can fight on your behalf to help you get the results you need. A divorce attorney for men can also help you to avoid mistakes which aren’t in your own best interests.

What is at stake for men seeking a divorce?

Specific issues can be involved when men are seeking a divorce, including:

  • Domestic abuse claims
  • Spousal support and alimony
  • Division of property
  • Custody rights
  • Father’s visitation rights and custody rights
  • Child support
  • Various other matters, such as sperm donor parental rights

To ensure all these and other issues are handled and settled adequately, it can be essential for men to communicate the details about outstanding issues clearly to their attorney. A lawyer may uncover particular facts that are relevant to the case. Or, a man seeking divorce may have knowledge of specific things that they need to share with their lawyer. Consistent and precise communications can be essential if there is to be a favorable outcome in the divorce proceeding.

What mistakes should men avoid when seeking a divorce?

As a man, you should be aware of and careful to avoid several things when seeking a divorce, including:

  • Giving away your rights: If you’ve messed things up, think you don’t deserve anything, or still love your spouse and want him or her to be happy, you may be tempted to make the mistake of giving away all of your rights. Clearly, this is a poor strategy. Even if you want the divorce to be amicable, you should not simply give away your rights.
  • Bringing the children into it: Bad-mouthing your ex to the kids, using them as leverage, or trying to force them to choose you over your spouse, is also a bad strategy. There is generally no reason to bring children into it at all. An attorney can help you to stay on course and focus on the actual matters at hand, and the real outcomes you’re aiming for.
  • Signing documents on your own: Even if they are seemingly harmless agreements, documents you sign without first checking with your lawyer can hurt you. You are well-advised to never sign anything without having the document reviewed by a divorce attorney.
  • Moving out: If your spouse is filing for divorce, that doesn’t mean you have to leave the house. By moving out voluntarily, you may be helping your marriage partner’s claim to keep the home and the property, as it could show that you’re abandoning it and your rights to it. Consult with your divorce attorney for men before moving out or surrendering your property.
  • Avoiding action: Ignoring those petitions and the letters from your spouse’s attorney will not make it all go away. You may be forgoing your chance to protect yourself and fight for your rights adequately. Inaction can hinder your cause.

No man wants to find himself in the position of needing a divorce attorney. But if a divorce is looming, you’ll want to ensure that you protect yourself as much as possible. Contact a divorce lawyer for men and set up a time to consult about your case.

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