Getting divorced is never pleasant. However, the ordeal can be more or less stressful, depending upon your approach. As an experienced divorce lawyer, can confirm, there are many ways to effectively “speed up” your divorce process, if resolving the issues between you and your spouse sooner rather than later is a priority for you. When attempting to accelerate your divorce process, consider employing some or all of these approaches, when applicable and appropriate for your circumstances. 


The more work you do in advance, the more ready you will be to move forward. Make a list of what you most want to take away from your divorce process. Research local divorce laws, and consider the tax implications of your split. The more preparation you do before filing formal paperwork, the more adaptable you’ll be when problems arise. 


Depending on the state of your relationship, your former partner may be more or less agreeable to hashing out the details of your divorce. If a neutral territory is preferable, arrange to have this meeting in a public space, perhaps with your attorney present. Your attorney can facilitate the collaboration process, as you determine the outline for your property settlement and/or child custody agreement. 


Keep in mind that every settlement involves compromise; neither side is going to get everything he or she wants. Know what you’re willing to give up in exchange for the assets and conditions you care about most. When bargaining, keep the larger picture in mind and avoid getting bogged down in details. What matters is hashing out an agreement that both sides can accept and is ultimately fair.


Getting divorced can be expensive. Lacking the funds to move forward may prolong the process. Begin setting aside money the moment you think a split might be in your future. Having enough cash on hand will relieve you of one more stressor. 

Seek Representation

The right strategies can help you survive this difficult time. Hire an experienced divorce attorney to assist in the expeditious finalization of your divorce. Although it can be tempting to “DIY” divorce, this is not a life transition during which you can afford to make missteps. Missteps now can compromise your financial stability and/or your relationship with your kids. Seek out an attorney whose approach fits your needs so that you are best placed to begin the next phase of your life.