Best Things To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Let’s say you are going about your day, and then suddenly, you find yourself in pain on the floor. You may have slipped because of a water puddle, debri laying around, broken flooring, etc. Now you may not be sure what to do, because when in a state of shock, sometimes we forget how to protect our best interests. Whatever the reason, it is possible that another person had played a part in your slip and fall happening. When someone has responsibilities but fails to attend to a hazard, that individual or the company they work for may be liable for injuries and other losses. 

Here are the best things you can do after having a slip and fall accident:

File a Report

You or a person you are with must report the fall to the appropriate party, whether that be a supervisor or property owner. If the fall happened at a business, you will need to complete an incident report. Be sure to request a copy of the report before leaving, as the staff may hope that you decide to not file an official statement. Include the details of the accident, stay calm, and limit how much you share directly with the supervisor or property manager. 

Take Pictures

Take photos and video of the scene, specifically the danger that had caused your fall. When used in combination with your statement, visual evidence can be influential. It is best to take photos before someone has had a chance to clean up the area or perform repairs. Keep in mind that the property owner may attempt to tidy the spot where you fell so it reduces potential liability. 

Get Medical Attention

Seek medical help at the scene if your injuries are serious. If they are not obviously serious, still get an exam by your doctor the same day. Copies of medical exams and diagnostics related to the slip and fall will be helpful in your case. 

Set Clothes and Shoes Aside

If your clothing and shoes have evidence on them, such as blood, liquid, tears, or marks, it is a good idea to set them aside and do not wash them. These articles of clothing may be looked over later on to help prove your side of the story. 

Injury accidents are always stressful. If another person was partially at-fault for your slip and fall accident, you may want to talk with a lawyer, such as one from a Slip and Fall Law Firm.