Choosing a wrongful death lawyer is a challenging and often emotional experience. You want the best outcome with the least delay and difficulty. Here are some things to look at.


You expect a wrongful death lawyer to have experience. But you should also discuss the specific experience that he or she has. If he or she has focused on industrial accidents, he or she may not be as experienced in automobile accidents, for example. Specific experience with cases like yours is key to success.

Don’t be afraid to ask about these experiences when you interview a wrongful death lawyer. If they are well-versed in cases like yours, they will be able to tell you about successful outcomes.


A successful wrongful death lawyer has a team with which to work. You may have seen lawyers on TV shows and movies win cases by the sheer force of their personality. In real life, it takes hours of painstaking research, developing expert witnesses, and a lot of legwork. A lawyer with a larger office who has staff members to help will be able to handle complex litigation in an efficient way.

Contingency Basis

A wrongful death lawyer typically works on a contingency basis. This means that he or she agrees to work on your case without collecting unless you receive a financial award. This arrangement works in your best interest because you do not risk laying out large sums of money if you are not successful. It also gives your legal team an incentive to maximize your award and not settle for less than they can get.

Good Rapport

Your personal relationship with your wrongful death lawyer may be hard to quantify. But it’s a very real aspect of how your case will be handled. You will be going on a potentially long, emotional journey with him or her. You’ll be looking at painful memories together. How well you get along with your lawyer can make this experience as positive as possible, or it can compound your misery. You should have a good feeling about your lawyer’s empathy, understanding, and tact.

Understand the Strategy

Your wrongful death lawyer should be able to explain his or her strategy for winning your case to you. While the technical nuances may include unfamiliar ideas, the main outline of their argument should make sense.

When hiring a wrongful death lawyer in Tampa, FL, such as from Jeff Murphy Law, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You should feel good about the choice you are making when you hire him or her.